Colorful Gourds Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle for adults and kids of a pile of colorful gourds in autumn. The gourds are often used for decorating in the fall.


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Sep 10, 2018
All kinds of squash! Did as a mystery puzzle.
Dec 4, 2020
Wow. Elijah that must have been really hard as a mystery.
Oct 29, 2016
Ooooo. What a gourdgeous puzzle. Can't wait to start it.
Oct 3, 2018
Picked this one to brighten a rainy day. Doing better on it--17:46. Still not in top 10 tho.
Dec 4, 2020
Picked this to do again and came in at 15:19. Getting faster but still a complicated puzzle. Still it's good from being a pretty photo in & of itself and being an interesting puzzle. It's a keeper C7J.
Oct 3, 2018
I see this is pretty popular. I needed a pick me up puzzle today and this is it. Tried to grow gourds last year but had no luck. This photo has som of the prettiest groupings I've evver seen. I wonder what causes the bubbling on the skin of some.
Sep 23, 2019
Pixipixil, I wondered about the bubbling of the skin after I completed the puzzle, so I googled to find out.

What Causes Warts on Pumpkins? No, these aren't afflicted with some heinous disease; they are actually genetically engineered to create bumpy pumpkin fruit. It is actually natural and not unusual for pumpkins to have bumps, but years of selective breeding have weeded out this natural tendency until what we view as the norm are unblemished pumpkins. Over the course of ten years of selective breeding, the brand Super Freak has released their most wart-riddled pumpkins to date, Knuckle Head pumpkins. These are genetically designed to be 12-16 pounds of lumpy, bumpy, perfectly sized for carving especially, and deliciously creepy. Gargoyle and Goosebumps are other varieties of warty pumpkin.

Other Reasons for Bumpy Pumpkin Fruit is the Mosaic virus. It can turn a smooth pumpkin into a lumpy one. The lumps in this case look like they arise from under the skin of the pumpkin. Mosaic infection is spread by aphids results in smaller leaves and vines as well as leaves with dark and light blotching. Are the bumpy pumpkins edible? While unsightly, mosaic afflicted pumpkins can still be eaten, although they may be of lesser quality than unaffected fruit.

Insects munching on tender young pumpkin shells can also scar the surface resulting in bumps.

Lastly, bumpy pumpkin fruit may be caused by edema. Edema is most often seen in cool, wet growing years. Unlike Mosaic virus, edema isn't a disease; it is caused by the absorption of too much water. The plant needs to rid itself of the excess but the cool weather conditions don't allow it to transpire through its leaves or turn it into more fruit or plant. As the plant cells swell with water, they enlarge and burst. The resulting area heals, forming a scar that is dry, corky and raised.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Bumpy Pumpkin Fruit: Find Out What Causes Warts On Pumpkins
Sep 24, 2019
Thanks workined. That was interesting...especially the part where the pumpkin has no good way to shen extra water.
Sep 16, 2019
Nice puzzle!
Dec 9, 2017
Gourd puzzles make me crazy...absolutely crazy.....
Feb 4, 2018
Lol Are you "out of your gourd" crazy?
Feb 5, 2018
Yes, I probably am. I went to a craft fair last December and there was a vendor there who made "gourdgeous" ornaments from gourds. Of course, I had to buy one for me and a couple as gifts. They were indeed gourdgeous.
Feb 6, 2018
I like that play on words. When I was a kid, we use to make maracas out of gourds. I've seen some painted very nicely too.
Jun 30, 2017
Very colorful
Nov 23, 2016
Really enjoyed doing this puzzle. It's really colorful!
Nov 7, 2016
Nice display of gourds
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