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Jigsaw puzzle for free online of white dominoes. The dominoes have brightly colored dots.


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Mar 14, 2016
I loved putting these into position so that I could push one and then watch them all fall over, one on top of the other. Only really got it right twice!
Mar 8, 2016
Having my morning coffee doing this puzzle. Waiting for my cleaning ladies to come. Used to do it but I think I deserve it now. They come every 2 weeks since it's just me and my 3 cats! Never seen white dominoes, but they could have them somewhere. Have a great day!
Mar 8, 2016
I'm with you, elijah, about the cleaning ladies.
Mar 9, 2016
Wish I had cleaning ladies
but happy for you
Mar 11, 2016
At 79, I think I deserve it.
Mar 9, 2016
I have these in set of 15. play in a group of 6 or 7 ladies.
Mar 10, 2016
I have a set in a leather case that has a really lovely design on it, also has raised silver dots, my dad & I used to play with them a lot after he lost his eyesight, he could feel them.
Mar 9, 2016
Fun! Fun! Fun!!!!
Mar 9, 2016
Made you think to get this intro place it was good.
Mar 8, 2016
Did anyone else experience seeing spots in front of their eyes as they were doing this puzzle? Or was it just me?
Mar 9, 2016
I saw spots at 12:07 A.M. when I should have been in bed
Mar 9, 2016
Wow!! That was a toughie!!
Mar 8, 2016
Difficult puzzle
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