Colorful Blankets Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Mar 16, 2020
Very colorful blankets...wonder where they were made?
Mar 13, 2020
Nice colorful blankets. Probably sold in a tourist area in the Southwest.
Mar 10, 2020
Very colorful. I remember having a blanket somewhat like this when I was growing up. Nice puzzle to do, but took a while.

Sign in a shoe repair store in Vancouver:
We will heel you. We will save your sole. We will even dye for you.
Mar 10, 2020
Cute. Into spirituality by any chance?
Mar 11, 2020
Mar 11, 2020
Finished the puzzles I've for today!

"The cat loves home. She likes her particular place by the fire in winter, her sunny window-sill in summer, and she is unhappy if she is moved.- Ernest Ingersoll."

Shutting down now. Hope a great evening!
Mar 11, 2020
This puzzle is WAY TOO HARD for 83 CIRCLES!!!! So I had to QUIT.
Mar 11, 2020
Pretty blankets!
Mar 10, 2020
Pretty colors. Almost like the navahoe blankets we had when I was a kid
Mar 10, 2020
Not an easy puzzle but fun if you like to match color and shapes. I've begun to finish this cut in the mid-forties but not this one!
Mar 10, 2020
That was tricky. I love the colors.
Got my left eye "fixed" yesterday. It's so good to have sharp vision back. I had cataract surgery a few years ago and the lens is held in place by a tissue they leave in the eye but which keeps growing toward the center. That eventually has to be lazered off. It's quick and painless.
Hope you all have a clear-sighted day.
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