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Online jigsaw puzzle game of a close up map of Europe.


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Nov 11, 2022
Was in Objects looking for colorful pictures and ran across this map. When I saw Ukraine it made me so sad what they are going through. Had to do this and pray for peace. I see this was done by some of you back in 2012 thru 2020.
May 10, 2020
So wish I could have made the trip to my parents homeland. I missed out on so much, but raising a family took prescident in my life.
Oct 6, 2017
My Grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Serbia and my Grandmother from Romania. So this map depicts my ancestry on my Mother's side. My father's family is from Belgium. Closer in heart to my Mom's family.
Sep 15, 2012
Where did you get this map-- I live in Philadelphia which has
millions and yet little town are on the map and Philly isn't find another
map please..
Sep 15, 2012
I was looking for Philadelphia too. I was born in West Chester, PA just outside Philadelphia.
Nearby (to me) Boston just made it on this map!
Jul 23, 2013
I'm curious what the red shaded area is for. It is obviously where Philadelphia is supposed to be and it goes on through NJ & NY!?!?!
Oct 19, 2014
I hadn't noticed that Philadelphia was missing - the red is the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The black square is for large cities.
Aug 10, 2014
OK, so who saw the names Newark and New Jersey, then proceeded to repeat the names to yourself with the appropriate accent?
Jun 28, 2014
Love this puzzle!
Apr 9, 2014
Binghamton is on this map and that is where I am originally from!
Dec 24, 2012
This is so cool! Did it in USA but this is where I grew up. Born in Pa., Moved to Binghamton, Lived in Albany, Went to Atlantic City every year as a Kid, Lived in nyc and my Daughter and son-in-law live in Brooklyn now. Just love it!
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