City Center at Dusk Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Mar 30, 2021
The flag may be a clue where it is from. Blue with a gold circle in the middle. Pretty buildings.
Sep 16, 2019
Kind of looks like a European town. The statue is quite ornate and appears to have a Christian theme. The top looks much like the monuments in our small town Protestant cemetery.
Sep 16, 2019
Sep 13, 2019
Looks like a Christmas tree there in the middle of town.
Sep 16, 2019
It certainly does.
Sep 13, 2019
Not a very busy street. Unusual sky.

The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Wishing you a wonderful day!
Sep 13, 2019
And a good day to you too!
Sep 16, 2019
Right now, the biggest lies MAY be the ones we tell ourselves. But that's because this isn't an election year.
Sep 13, 2019
With a street like this I feel certain that inside the buildings there is a banquet going on; an opera being sung; and at least oneball in full swing. Doesn't look like a place where folks just go home and fall asleep on the sofa watching TV.
I hope you all have some festive activity to look forward to.