Citrus Drink Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle for free online of a refreshing pitcher of ice cold water with fresh fruit. Slices of oranges and limes have been added to the pitcher for a light citrus taste.


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Aug 25, 2018
Jul 30, 2017
This is a nice healthy drink plus very refreshing!!
Aug 2, 2015
Very refreshing
Aug 2, 2015
I prefrer lemon rinds in my pitcher.
Aug 2, 2015
Looks like grapefruit as it's the right colour and size. Anyway, stay cool everyone! We've had some thunderstorms and yes, even some twister warnings for downtown Toronto, but that's over. It's cooler now. Have to see what happens tomorrow. Hugs to all!
Jul 31, 2015
Would love to have this in front of me right about now. It's 110 deg. here in Southern Oregon and there are fires raging North of us and also coming from No. Calif. The smoke is unbelievable and we can't go outside. Could use this citrus drink, as I'm dry as a desert.
Jul 31, 2015
Cold water with fruit slices in it is so refreshing any time of year! I also like cucumber slices in water - really leave your mouth feeling clean.
Jul 31, 2015
Thanks for the tip Aknan. I've never tried cucumber slices in water. I do either orange or lemon or lime in water, never combined them. Will have to try that out too. Have a great day.
Jul 31, 2015
Let's see - lime, orange, mint, and is that a slice of grapefruit or just a really large orange? It could be the distortion caused by the curve of the glass pitcher, but, the slice behind the orange slice looks about 1.5 times larger than the orange slice.
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