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Dec 14, 2020
Jan 13, 2020
This was easy and a lot of fun in the Mystery cut. Don't know why I haven't seen this one before? Bummer.
Dec 12, 2019
It's 1:15 am, I still can not sleep. about an hour ago I took a melatonin (sleeping pill), but no way!

I thought if I do this pretty puzzle I may fall sleep!!!
Anyway Good night everyone!
Dec 13, 2019
Do hope the melatonin helped ease you into sleep. I've had a few nights like that. I get up, do breathing exercises, listen to music, then turn it off, turn off all lights, close my eyes and sit in the dark. I eventuallly fall asleep, then, when I wake up, I go to the bed to finish the night.
Dec 23, 2019
Not only melatonin did not work, I walked, ate yogurt, drunk milk, finally got sleep!

I woke up with high heart palpitation, it went to nearby nurse clinic, it was closed!!
I took uber to urgent care..after some EKGs, tests, all of a sudden I saw paramedics, took me to Emergency & then transferred to hospital...
+3 months back I went under brain surgery, stayed there for 10 days!
I'm still alive!!! hee hee hee
I stayed there for 4 days!! The day before I discharged from hospital
this time It was heart problem
Dec 25, 2019
Wow, anulik, you've had a tough go of it. First blow, brain surgery; second blow, heart problems. Do hope they've got it under control now and I sincerely hope you'll have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Prayers offered up for you tonight, which here in California is Christmas Eve.
Dec 26, 2019
Thank you for your prayers LuvsWesterns. back in Sept. that I had brain surgery, that took 11 hrs surgery under anesthesia.
I still don't remember things that happened after I woke up!! I were tole that my pulse elevated to 158-159, which is very high.which calls "Afib"

After discharged they start control the rhythm, palpitation...
This morning dr' nurse called & made a phone appt with a specialist to discuss about a procedure to reduce palpitation.

Meaning...another 5-6 hrs procedure under anesthesia!!!

Last night we celebrated the very Merry Christmas with the whole family around!
I am in So Cal & right now rain is poring like a crazy!!!!!!!

Have a good night!
Dec 16, 2019
I do not look at the time. I usually leave it and come back to it over coffee in the morning. I just take my time.
Dec 11, 2019
VERY pretty!!!!!!
Dec 10, 2019
Pretty colors....Fun puzzle....Not an easy one to do
Dec 10, 2019
That's a happy puzzle. Just right for a dull December day.
Hoping you find things to brighten your day.
Dec 10, 2019
Nice puzzle!
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