Church Window Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle for adults and kids of a beautiful stained glass window in the St. Salvator's Cathedral. The cathedral is located in Belgium.


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Jul 28, 2018
A challenge, but Oh, so beautiful!
Dec 7, 2020
Here I was thinking well I will be one of the slowest and I ended up the fastest. These are beautiful windows.
Jul 22, 2020
Aug 28, 2018
Stained glass windows are so beautiful!
Apr 23, 2017
Took almost 7 minutes but it didn't seem too hard.Beautiful window.
Jan 24, 2017
Hard but beautiful
Jan 17, 2017
That one about blinded me! My eyes went cross-ways and up and down and every which way except where the pieces should be. Got it done, though.

God bless you all.
Jan 17, 2017
My thoughts exactly nlb :( Hugs.
Jan 17, 2017
That makes three of us.
Jan 17, 2017
:) Losing my neighbours of 15 years. She just came in with a couple of things for me and for the first time since I found out they were moving, I was reduced to tears. Maybe it's a good thing that K just walked out as I didn't have time to anticipate the move!! Never thought I would admit to that. Hugs.
Jan 17, 2017
I have a sinuses infection and all the meds have me goofey, and the simple puzzles are giving me a hard time! So guess I'll wait a day or two for this one. When I first saw it I thought just what happened to you!
Jan 18, 2017
I saw something recentloy CJcolonna which helps to relieve sinus problems, put the tip of your tongue up behind your teeth on the roof of your mouth and tap with your fingers, the part on your forehead in between the eyebrows. I have tried it and it works. You may have to repeat the exercise a couple of times. Hope it works for you. Hugs.
Jan 21, 2017
Wow, what a challenge, but so fulfilling to finish. Glad I left this one for the weekend.
Jan 22, 2017
Thank you, I'll try this and see if it works. My Hubby says he will too! we'll let you know how it works for us!!
Jan 20, 2017
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