Chipmunk Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle game of a cute chipmunk.


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Jul 27, 2014
So cute!
Sep 6, 2013
I hate the little buggers. They are diging holes all over my yard.
Mar 6, 2014
But now you can enjoy them with the puzzles and they are not so annoying The only things that dig holes in peoples garden is the moles no one seems to have the right solution in cure-ing it seems all over different countries people have different animals make a mess of ones gardens.
Mar 6, 2014
What a cutie this one is, do not know much about them only remember seeing them on the telly, a program for the youngsters, and what mischief they got up to, and the youngster and the grown ups used to enjoy them, and at least when the young ones was watching them the parents could manage a bit of peace and quite.
Thank you for the memories.
Jan 20, 2014
What a cutie! I've never held a live chipmunk, but I remember playing with baby gophers as a very young child beneath the backyard crabapple tree.
Sep 8, 2013
They are cute but very naughty, we used to get them in our campsite
Jan 18, 2013
chipmunks are sooo cute!
Jan 18, 2013
I agree with you mysnickers they are very cute..
Feb 21, 2013
I agree also. Saw two in a park once...small and cute too.