Chicago Cityscape Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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The United State's second most populous city of Chicago is also known as the Windy City, though the reasons for this nickname are disputed. This online jigsaw shows part of Chicago's skyline, with Two Prudential Plaza on the far right and the Trump International Hotel & Tower nearer the center.


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Feb 24, 2020
Feb 24, 2020
Lived here for the first 10 years of my life!! Wouldn't want to live there now.

If you see someone falling behind, walk beside them.
If you see someone being ignored, find a way to include them.
Always remind people of their worth. One small act could mean the world to them.
Feb 24, 2020
I live in a rural area in Louisiana. I would not want to live here, either. I love your quotes, elijah 13. Thanks
Feb 24, 2020
Warmer today in the 50's. Just about caught up.

"He was sitting in front of the door. It is a known fact that if one sits long enough in front of a door, doing the proper yoga exercises, the door will open. - May Sarton."
Feb 24, 2020
Not the Chicago of today
Feb 24, 2020
My eldest daughter lives there. She loves it. I like visiting it. There is nothing better than Chicago on an unexcepted nice day in December. Lots of people out and about. The people's dogs had on the best little coats.