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Jigsaw puzzle to play online of a mother cheetah looking in the distance. Her young cubs rest on the rock with her.


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Mar 21, 2020
Hello Kitty!!!
Jan 11, 2015
"Where are we going, Mom? "
Apr 14, 2015
"go ask your father, if you can find him"
Mar 3, 2015
Don't mess with mama.
Jan 16, 2015
They're pretty FAST critters!!!
Jan 11, 2015
Great Cats!!!!!
Jan 11, 2015
I love cheetahs.
Jan 11, 2015
Me too! They are my favorite big cat.
Jan 11, 2015
Cheetahs usually have more than 1 cub at a time, so I wonder if the other(s) are on the other side of that mound or if, what unfortunately happens fairly often, they were eaten by lions.

There's a cheetah preserve where they drag large amounts of meat behind a pickup truck that drives about 40-50 mph so that they get the experience of chasing their meals.
Jan 11, 2015
I love it when we get to see the baby critters. How precious. If that is the momma, she sure is a lean green running machine not to be tangled with!
Jan 11, 2015
Mother may be lean green killing machine but baby sure looks well fed. Maybe that is why mom is slim. Great picture for the middle of winter. Love the way they blend in with the grasses.
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