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Free jigsaw puzzle online of whole wheat crackers on a wooden table. Small square slices of cheddar cheese top the crackers for a snack.


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Nov 22, 2019
Nice little late night snack
Mar 25, 2016
Doing the puzzle and having my wine, cheese and crackers! Delicious.
Mar 17, 2016
Love those kind of crackers as well. We always had those growing up. They look like Town House crackers as well.
Mar 17, 2016
Was at a local store and a man came in and went to the cheese section. He asked one of the employees if they had Stilton cheese. The employees didn't have any idea what he was talking about. I had to tell him to go to a couple of stores and even mentioned their names.
Nov 15, 2013
Everything tastes better when it's on a ritz!
Jan 24, 2016
Good one toadalove! I remember that one too. I like cheese, but don't love it like some people do.
Jun 27, 2015
This is what I snack on! love it.
Oct 22, 2014
Love these kind of crackers!
Jun 15, 2014
Love cheese and crackers!
Jan 18, 2014
Tough one in 83 circles but I did it!
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