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Red cardinal on a frozen branch during the winter.


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Dec 13, 2013
Beautiful and I think the female is just beautiful as well...most birds the females are not as pretty as the males...I miss feeding the birds..had to stop because of has been over 10 years since I stopped and once in awhile I will see a bear out there...
Jan 16, 2016
Bear? Yikes!!!! I never have seen a bear here in NW Alabama. We do have them but as much as I roamed the hills here on my I horse never saw one. Panthers yes and they can be scary. Dad would tell me "don't forget the rifle". Oh and did you know that Red Birds can live to be 15 yrs old?
Mar 8, 2014
Beautiful bird you see them a lot around spring time
Nov 25, 2012
Another snowy one...
Love these birds, we have several around here.
Apr 6, 2012
He (or a cousin) flies through my yard.