Candy Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle of colorful candy in a pile waiting to be eaten.


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May 6, 2016
After a few stops and starts I finally finished this. It took me a little over an hour in the 300 classic. Had to stop to feed my girls, Callie and Mitzi, (my kitty's). And then had to clean the litter box. Eat..poop..sleep. Yep, that the joy of owning cats. Oh, forgot to mention this was a fun puzzle!
Jun 30, 2014
I'll take all the red ones please! :)
May 20, 2014
Needed a rest from yard work and this hit the spot.
I like to melt the sugar part off in my mouth until I hit the jelly inside b4 I chew. I love the feel of the jelly. I like the ones like annisette and the cinnamons. I never got around to eating the specialty ones.
One year sweetarts put out jelly beans and I really enjoyed those.
May 5, 2014
Too cool!
Nov 23, 2013
Enjoyed doing this.
Apr 9, 2014
So did I!
Jun 23, 2013
Looks yummy
Jul 22, 2012
Hope these are Jelly belley jelly beans! Best going!
Jul 22, 2012
Got a favorite flavor? I like the coconut, and don't they make a coffee one?
Jul 22, 2012
Nope, these aren't Jelly Bellys. They're more opaque and many have spreckles. There is a Jelly Belly puzzle, but I think its just called "jelly Beans" in the title. To me, these look more like candy-covered nuts, perhaps with a layer of chocolate between the candy covering and the nut itself. Ummmmm, good, whatever they are!
Jul 22, 2012
Can't pick one flavor but when I do give in once a year to buy some I go to Yummies in York, ME and get just the ones I like. If you never been there they have the best pick of all kinds of candy and fudge.
Jul 23, 2012
Have you ever tried the buttered popcorn ones? You would think that you were eating out of a bowl of buttered popcorn!!
Feb 24, 2013
Jelly bean boozled always had gotten the good ones try it
Jan 7, 2013
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