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Jigsaw puzzle online of a captain's cabin on a boat. The controls for the ship are mounted on a desk.


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Jun 11, 2017
Beautiful boat interior. Looks brand new. I see girders outside the right window so it's probably docked but what is out the front? It's so blue and shadowy it almost looks under water which of course it can't be. I think I see a tiny American flag after zooming I think not. Is it the deck of a huge carrier? Is this a captain's cabin for something that big or a yacht in the same harbor?
Wishing you wonder today.
Jun 12, 2017
Pixi, I think the image is a reflection on the front window glass of the superstructure of a fishing boat's radar housing.
Jun 12, 2017
I never thought of that, not being much of a boater myself. I have a cousin who runs (owns) a fishing boat for hire but we rarely see eachother. We don't even exchange Christmas cards. I only know about it because my now deceased aunt who was a nun lent him the money to buy it and he never repaid her she told me.
Jun 11, 2017
Looks like a VERY COMFORTABLE cabin!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!
Jun 11, 2017
Happy Sailing!
Jun 11, 2017
Don't know too much about boats, just like to see them sailing or passing by on the waters of the island.

Take care you beautiful souls. Hugs.
Jun 11, 2017
When we lived in Toronto, Ohio, we loved to watch the large paddle-wheel boats traveling along the Ohio River between New Orleans. Louisiana and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Jun 11, 2017
What a comfortable place from which to run the boat. Sure hope they are not headed out towards the storm in the free puzzle!

God bless you all and may He guide your course and lead you far from troubled waters.
Jun 11, 2017
Looks like a nice boat. I would like to see the rest of it
Jun 11, 2017
Nice boat. Glad it's not on the water where the other puzzle place was. It would be in real trouble.