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Free puzzle of colorful buttons of different types.


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May 22, 2019
Feb 6, 2019
Lots of buttons. Still have lots left from my mother. Should do something with them but haven't decided what to do so will stay in the box a little longer--or maybe a lot longer!
Jul 1, 2018
Looks like dear old Mom's button box. I refuse to sew anymore...it all goes to the tailor. Also hated to thread those darn needles!
Feb 6, 2019
Tailors getting expensive. Have 2 pairs of pants to shorten but cost too much to have done, so will do them myself. Last time paid $10 to hem a t-shirt. Decided I would do them myself from now on.
Dec 7, 2018
Quite a collection of buttons...Love the colors..
Jun 9, 2018
Buttons are fun to collect!
Oct 18, 2016
My button box is a round cookie tin.
Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2013
I've done this one at least 20 times and still enjoy doing it! Looks like my button box and the one I inherited from my Mom. Haven't had to sew on a button in at least a year now, but still keep them 'cause ya never know!
Apr 26, 2014
I'm right with you there! My neighbor is always asking me for a button and the last thing was a safty pin!
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