Blue Jay Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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A beautiful blue jay bird sitting on a tree branch.

blue jaybird

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Jul 3, 2017
Did this as a Mystery Puzzle and had no idea what it was until about 2/3 of the way through! Love it.
Jun 11, 2017
Very Beautiful Blue Jay Bird.
Jan 25, 2016
Loved doing this one.
Jun 25, 2015
Blue jays are such beautiful birds, but they can be extremely aggressive. I used to put seeds outside of my apartment window and I had ran out for a couple of days. I had a squirrel and a blue jay apparently trying to tell me that they were mad with me for not feeding them for a couple of days. The squirrel was climbing up the screen, chattering at me and the blue jay was hopping around and flapping his wings in an aggressive manner. They seemed relieved once some seeds were put out there.
May 25, 2014
Very pretty!
May 8, 2014
My Daughter and Son-In-Law have had Doves being born in one of their plants in their patio in the past. The last eggs, a Blue Jay ate the egg while mom and dad had left the nest unattended:( My daughter found one egg on the floor:( Baby doves had been born in the same plant twice. They were so cute.
Feb 13, 2013
I've done this before and enjoy it every time! Great puzzle!
Jul 15, 2012
A bird of good luck!! Yeah really pretty bird
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