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May 18, 2020
A box full of cuteness
Apr 30, 2019
Apr 15, 2019
I love cats! Sweet puzzle - thank you.
Apr 15, 2019
In our newspaper this week there was a caution that Easter gifts should NOT be animals (chicks, bunnies, etc.)
These kitties are in a puzzle --- right where they belong --- just for a photo shoot!
Apr 12, 2019
Oh my...a box full of sweetness!!! Being the crazy cat lady of my block, I'd take all three in a New York minute. Decided not to adopt a kitten because at my age I figured they would out live me and I don't want to leave them homeless. However, I will foster the little ones until a home is found for them. Love my town's Humane Society and support them monthly. <^..^>
Apr 15, 2019
Thank you for supporting your local rescue by fostering!! I foster as well and applaud you for deciding NOT to adopt a kitten. Our small rescue sometimes has to talk people out of kitten adoptions for that very reason. Not to mention the little guys can get under foot very quickly and cause you to fall. Good luck with kitten season!! =^..^=
Apr 15, 2019
What a delightful puzzle, this month is a busy time for birthdays for me, My Birthday was on the 9th hubbies is on the 29th and we have at least four more family members before the end of the month, I didn't receive any kittens, but was spoilt in cards and flowers, and best of all family coming to tea.
Apr 12, 2019
Awwwww how sweet is that?

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
– George Bernard Shaw

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
– Abraham Lincoln

[Great quote from Abraham Lincoln.]

Take care and God bless. Hugs.
Apr 12, 2019
Are the kittens the guests or the gifts?
Apr 15, 2019
Lol - hope there is no other reason for it Aknan - hugs. Please don't give up on me. You're in my to do book :(
Apr 15, 2019
The two white kittens don't look too happy about being in the boxes.
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