Bird on Branch Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle of a blue tit bird with yellow and blue feathers. The bird is perched on a branch and usually nests in tree holes.


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May 14, 2016
I love the birds
isn't God good?
Apr 7, 2016
Very beautiful blue tit we get lots of them in our garden, thank you team.
Mar 4, 2016
Great Puzzle I wish I could get to see the beautiful birds that are around but we are in Christchurch. now we might get to have some of the wonderful bird that are around the Garden now it is getting a little at this time of the year Have a great day b to you all. God Bless
Sep 30, 2015
At the home my 2 sisters and a brother in law was in they feed the birds
there a lot of different kind I love birds
Jul 29, 2015
What a pretty little birdy. I love visiting the elder home a friend is at then besides seeing her we can go and visit by the birds in the lounge. They are different kinds of finches and 1 lone canary. I would love to have one of those huge bird cages and enjoy them at home.
Jul 29, 2015
Those big bird cages are beautiful but I have heard that cleaning them out is not fun.
Apr 2, 2015
Birdie with yellow bill
hopped upon my window sill
cocked his shinning eyes and said
shame on you
you sleepy head
Jul 29, 2015
I love your little poem. Makes me think of the birds that will land on our screen and then fly off. As much as to say get off your butt and enjoy the day outside. It is to beautiful to waste just sitting watching TV. (I waste to much time in front of the boob tube)!
Jul 29, 2015
I waste to much also
my daughter says
mama you have done enough but I still feel guilty
Mar 29, 2015
As a mystery and I still like him
Feb 20, 2015
Still love birds
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