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Free online jigsaw puzzle of a stairway in the Mezhyhirya Residence in Novi Petrivtsi, Ukraine. The home was the residence of a former President and is now a museum.


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May 20, 2020
A Grand Entrance!
Dec 28, 2019
Wouldn't it be fun sliding down that railing?
Apr 16, 2017
Too many stairs for me. Also wouldn't like to dust it! Too fancy for me.
Jan 8, 2018
Agreed. I pulled up some images of the palace where this photo was taken. Just call me a country girl, but I could never feel comfortable in a place like that.
Aug 3, 2016
This is absolutely beautiful~!!! ~ Would love to see it in person.
Aug 3, 2016
I would love to see it in Parson.
Aug 3, 2016
How full and filling that would be to see the stairway in Parson.
Aug 5, 2016
Watch your step nl. ;-)
Mar 8, 2017
Careful this interchange doesn't spiral out of control. If that should occur I'd have to register my dissent, but I promise to do it without railing gainst anyone.
Sep 2, 2016
Would love to see it as well. A friend of ours is from the the Ukraine. She lives in the us now.
Aug 4, 2016
This is a setting for a lovely lady to make a grand entrance!
Aug 3, 2016
More beautiful trips on which this amazing site takes us. Thank you Kevin et al.

"wherever you go, travel with all your heart." Confucius

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself." Danny Kaye

What an amazing man, he still makes me laugh.

Sleep well and God bless. Hugs.
Aug 3, 2016
Good morning and God bless you too.
Aug 4, 2016
Good morning nlb, hope you are well. Hugs.
Aug 3, 2016
A little ornate for my tastes, but very nice. We went to the Sagamore House on Racquett Lake in the NY Adirondacks recently. That is a lovely mansion that the Vanderbilt family owned many decades ago for a vacation home. The rich of that period loved to surround themselves with things that the average working Joe could never hope to own. What has changed?
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