Badminton Shuttles Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle of a collection of white shuttles. The shuttles are struck back and forth over a net in badminton.


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Aug 30, 2019
Aug 29, 2019
Played a lot of badminton when we lived in the Catskills. Was never good at it--too small to beat my opponent who was six foot tall with a very long reach. I always lost. He'd stand in one spot and run me all over the court. I didn't car. It was fun.
Hope you all have enough energy for a game now and then--not necessarily badminton.
Aug 29, 2019
I enjoyed playing badminton in school. Did not enjoy this puzzle.
Challenging, but not enjoyable. Not interesting. (Signed) Grumpy JAMP124
Aug 29, 2019
Repeat from late yesterday.

I am asking for prayer. I have been taking Morphine and Norco for fibromyalgia for several years. Now it is time to try something that is not an opiod, with fewer side effects and not nearly as dangerous. Problem is, I have to have been totally off both meds for 10 days before I can start the new stuff. I have succeeded in weaning off the morphine and leaving it behind for 5 days now. That leaves me with only Norco, which is not nearly as effective. And there is not much else I can take that will relieve the pain as I quit the morphine. In the meantime, life goes on and I must go visit my daughter who is having a hard time right now. Please pray for strength and pain tolerance (or total removal! ) until this is over.
Aug 28, 2019
Do they still play this game?

"We can only feel sorry for ourselves when our misfortunes are still supportable. Once this limit is crossed, the only way to bear the unbearable is to laugh at it."
– Marjane Satrapi

Good night and God bless. Hugs.
Aug 28, 2019
Absolutely - it's a staple at summer camps and it's even an official Olympic sport. Spent many childhood hours in our back yard playing badminton.
Aug 29, 2019
Hugs Aknan.
Aug 28, 2019
In my YOUNGER days, badminton was one of my FAVORITE sports. I would, also, practice hitting them up in the air for fun. There'd be LARGER ones for fun, also.
Aug 28, 2019
I have not seen badminton shuttles for a very long time, not to mention anyone still playing the sport.
Aug 28, 2019
Woo - this was tough, but fun once it started falling in place.
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