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Free online jigsaw puzzle of the famous Avenue of Oaks. The oak trees line the drive up to the historic Boone Hall in South Carolina.

oaktreesSouth CarolinaUnited States

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Oct 12, 2014
I wonder how much effort was made to get the branches like that. I've seen some pathways that have a tree top canopy where branches were spliced together, but this looks like the trees are all on one side of the path with the branches stretching over that path. Is that Spanish Moss hanging from some of the branches?
May 24, 2014
Love it!
May 14, 2014
Would be a nice place for a walk on a hot summers day!
Aug 6, 2013
It's all in the minute details! Three little white dots over a dark branch.
A long slit of light between two dark patches. And on and on. Suddenly it comes together! And it is beautiful.
May 10, 2014
This is such a late reply...but am following your directions trying to see...3 little white dots etc. long slit of light...usually I see such things this time-I admit, not seeing just that.
Nov 24, 2013
Beautiful puzzle, love the content. I cant image what they all have there.
Aug 6, 2013
Beautiful? I guess. I think it looks kinda spooky. Wouldn't it be cool to set up everything for a Halloween party right in the middle of this picture? A bonfire (portable that wouldn't burn the ground or make a mess would be good. All kinds of make-believe skeletons and ghosts and ugly carved punkins and ghoulish-looking appetizers and maybe some spooky portable music for more ambiance? Everyone has to attend in costume, of course! Oh, a hanging "body" would be good, too.
Aug 11, 2013
Some one has a great sense of humour, think I would come as Dracula with blood dripping from my teeth, I bet you get plenty of takers.
Aug 9, 2013
These beautiful trees are live oaks. The green running along the branches is a plant called resurrection fern; when there has been no rain the fern is all brown and dried-up looking. After a rain it "resurrects" into a lush green fern all along the branches.
Aug 6, 2013
Can you imagine walking down this path?

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