Autumn Horse Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle of a brown horse grazing in an open field. The trees in the distance are preparing for fall by changing the color of the leaves.


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Mar 26, 2015
Did as a mystery
wouldn't my dear great grand daughter that's gonna be a this horse
she has a horse that she loves so much
Jan 19, 2015
Nice horse
Dec 26, 2014
Miss my horses....elegant photo
Oct 14, 2012
A beautiful and majestic animal. Riding and teaching children to ride was a small part of my life, too old and decrepit to do it now, this horse looks like I used to show called blazing toast don't ask why I did not name it.
Oct 14, 2012
Rode a old farm horse as a teenager to impress a boy even that made me fall off, never been on one since, was amazed at high you feel. Love the puzzle.
Apr 16, 2014
Slippers, what amazed me was how short you feel right after you get off the horse!
Aug 30, 2013
Love this puzzle and adore horses!
May 29, 2013
I wish I lived out in the country so I could have a horse, I know there a lot of work but so worth it.
Mar 3, 2013
I wish I could ride one
Feb 2, 2013
Come ride on me, be wild and free. Let the wind blow through your hair, and blow away all your cares.
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