Apple Tart Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle to play online of a baked apple tart dessert. The tart has been covered with leaf shaped pastry.


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Jan 11, 2018
Eating "run raisin" ice cream while I am doing this. I think this is a new Publix brand and it is SO DELICIOUS! Will cdrtainly get this flavor again
This looks delicious also.
Dec 1, 2017
Getting everything ready to start baking this weekend. Things are sure expensive to buy when you haven't baked for a few years. Use to, when Christmas would come around, I remember I'd just have to buy a couple of things. But now, since I haven't been able to bake for quite a while, I had to buy a ton of stuff! Just wait until I pass the goodies out for Christmas, I'll get such pleasure out of the eyes of my family and friends when they open their goodie box. It'll all be worth it then. :)
Sep 6, 2017
A work of art!
Feb 9, 2016
I bake and have baked lots of foods. Brownies, pies, tarts, breads, buns. Candy and cake.
Sep 8, 2015
Really looks yummy. Today I bought a peach pie (shame on me I don't bake), but am looking forward to having a slice after dinner!
Oct 18, 2014
I put on weight every time I do a food puzzle.
Oct 18, 2014
Know the feeling, this really looks good!
Jul 18, 2015
I'm doing all food puzzles today! :)) Must mean something. :))
Jul 18, 2015
Here is a good one for you, very heathly, try the green peas on 7/17/08. Really a challenge.
Jul 21, 2015
Jul 22, 2015
Oh my, No....I'm 62! :))))) I did get a good laugh on that one Judy2014...Have a good day. :)))))
Jul 22, 2015
Tomandray-been waiting for your reply, got a good laugh.
To Crickett for a weigh in up 1lb&8oz, at 11 lbs, doing well would like for him to slowly get back to around 17lbs. Sends >^-^< hugs!
Jul 22, 2015
Hi CatLadyOKC, So glad you got a good laugh, peas are so boring, had to do something to "liven them up". :)) So glad that Crickett is improving, gaining weight. I'm guessing he still takes his "treat" everyday. Hugs and caresses for the Crickett. >^-^< I've been listening to Art Bell, late night. I've had a stomach bug for the past couple of days, been keeping me up. Don't know where I got that. :( Have not been eating much. I heard from HockeyFan, she's doing a lot of running around, hubby is in therapy for his knee. She's a bit tired. Nothing new here. Temps. are in the mid 80's, tomorrow is going to be okay, but the weekend is a bust, all rain. How have you and hubby been doing? Son still in SD? Awww, your son was so close to ComicCon! Is he interest in that stuff? Did you know, they're bring back X-Files? Jan. 24, 2016! Looking forward to that! :) Well, that is all for tonight. Take care, Hugs! :)
Jul 23, 2015
I can really understand what HockeyFan is going thru, hubby was in rehab for 3 months (downtown area of OKC) for 3 months when he broke his neck, it was really draining and I was much younger, kid were in old enough that they could stay alone after school, but I had to be there every day. She really need to take care of herself. We are doing fine, taking our time & staying in out of the heat. Yes, son is still in SD., they are talking about keeping him out there now until the first of the year.
Think he is on the south side. Haven't heard anything out of him about ComicCon, but he not really into crowds. He found an apt. close to work that is furnished corp. one that he could afford. Sounds like you need to take care of yourself, too. Hugs from Crickett >^-^<! He is staying inside too. Hot & Humid (dew point in the 70's & above & temps in the 90's) We have been getting heat alerts everyday.
Jul 24, 2015
Hi CatLady, Yes, it's very humid here too. You are right, taking care of my stomach. Eating only soft foods for a few days, easy to digest. Thanks for your concerns. We're staying in for the weekend, it's not going to be a good one. Take care. >^-^< Caress to Crickett....:)
Feb 22, 2015
Hope that whatever baker's assistant stood there and arranged the apple slices on this pie made a nice big hourly wage. Egad, what a job. Suppose it tastes "home made"? LOL Sorry to be a "wet blanket", but most commercially produced stuff like this isn't worth the box in which to carry it home.
Nov 12, 2014
Here's you a nice pie!
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