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Jigsaw puzzle of a multiple choice answer sheet from a school test.


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Feb 4, 2017
Remember doing this many years ago. Now everything is graded on tests that the kids take. Very unfair since some children are not good test takers but do know the material. I have had that example in my classroom. One of my students only answered 4 of the 10 reading questions, but got those right. However, he was put in remedial reading. His 2nd grade teacher was a hard grader and was giving him A's and B's in reading. Just grading on tests doesn't tell you much!
Aug 23, 2012
Yellow was the easiest then came to the white very hard but got through it ok. Thank you for such a brilliant jigsaw. Best one so far.....
Apr 29, 2012
In school we had a saying when in doubt shade C. It worked
Apr 29, 2012
I tried it with the maths challenge and I hope your right
Mar 30, 2012
The yellow was my favourite part.
Mar 30, 2012
Did these a couple of months ago, that was EASY but I still hate exams
Mar 30, 2012
A lot easier to do than the exams!
Mar 30, 2012
I remember these
Mar 29, 2012
This got those of us who like color and life ---- out of a rut!
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