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Free jigsaw puzzle online of an American alligator swimming in Florida. Alligators eat a wide variety of animals including fish and mammals.

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Sep 1, 2018
Alligators are now being found in peoples yards. No thank you. I sure don't want to meet any of them.
Jun 22, 2017
Did this as a mystery again
now I think it's time to try to get to sleep
May 29, 2017
LLoved the jigsaw, but I always think of the song( never sm ile like a crocodile, one can smile at them when painting or doing jigsaws, but one learns as one get:s older, what is good and what is not so good, A big thank you for such a good variety, of the jigsaws..Have a great holiday. God bless.
Nov 29, 2015
Love these comments. Must say though that I have been In Haines City for 9 1/2 years and seen approximately 6, one was huge. Was in one of the lakes, don't remember which one.
Apr 29, 2015
Wouldn't want to ever come face to face with this monster! Don't even like seeing them in movies.
Apr 25, 2015
Apr 22, 2015
It is very rare you can even see a gator here in Florida.
Don't believe everything the media says..I lived on the edge of the everglades years ago...........never saw a gator.
Apr 22, 2015
I lived in Jacksonville and never saw one there, either. nlb
Apr 22, 2015
Nlb, I live in Jacksonville. Small world!

I've seen gators here, one fairly good sized one crossing US 17 (Roosevelt Blvd) going from Pirates Cove over to the Ortega River. Saw another one in the same area.

I was in real estate for a good while and people from up north all seemed to think we had snakes hanging from the trees and an alligator in every back yard. LOL.
Apr 22, 2015
And here in Aus they think we have kangaroos running down the main street lol. Although I must admit before I moved to Canada and the USA, I though all families lived like they did in "Leave it to Beaver". The media have a lot to answer for lol. Hugs.
Apr 22, 2015
In the days that Leave It To Beaver were on the television things weren't a lot different from it. Shows like The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, December Bride, The Red Skelton Show, The Burns and Allen Show were some of my favorites. They were fun, easy programs from a time when morality and values were important.
Apr 23, 2015
The good old days when everyone (most) knew the word ethics and what it actually meant.
Apr 25, 2015
We have a walking path around the main lake in our central Florida city. Once, maybe 20 years ago, I saw a 4 to 5 foot long gater on the shore while taking a walk. As I was standing and watching it (maybe 20-30 yards away) a city worker came and told me it was a little one and they had recently removed one nearly twice as big!!
Apr 23, 2015
Happy St George's Day
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