Alaskan Bear Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle online of an Alaskan brown bear. The bear is fishing for salmon in the Katmai National Park.

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Mar 26, 2017
Looks like he is cooling off, probably waiting for salmon to run!
Jun 19, 2015
Mar 2, 2015
Jul 18, 2014
We went to Alaska for a trip. Had a great time! Saw 1 bear, 1 grizzly, a few moose and many bald eagles.
Jul 18, 2014
Hi Sunsetsky, Now that is one of the places on my "Bucket List". One day we'll head out there. Must be beautiful. :) Enjoy your evening. :)
Jan 2, 2015
I went to Alaska also, just me and my Miniature Schnauzer. I put my small motor home on the govt. ferry and went up the Inside Passage to Haines, AK.
Drove all over the place and loved every minute, in spite of some crummy roads.
It is magnificent and far! I drove over 9, 000 miles on that trip. Yup, don't mess with the grizzlies! Some of them are as big as as your motor home and have a taste for more than salmon!
Jul 27, 2014
Love it!
Jul 18, 2014
It can hunt for all the salmon it wants. I'm sure no one will bother it. lol
Jul 18, 2014
Hi Hockeyfan, Wonder if it could catch one for me! :)) In the mood for salmon. Have you seen the prices lately for salmon! Outrageous!! :( Enjoy your evening. :))
Jul 20, 2014
Hi tomandray, Yes, the prices are downright ridiculous. My hubby likes salmon. I don't care for it. We were walking along the "Riverwalk" the other day, and there were several fishing boats afloat. Hubby said with price of fish these days, they've decided to catch their own. He is probably not far from being right. Good evening to you. :)
Jul 18, 2014
Strange picture to look too closely - look to left front
foot. Looks like a very small man.
Otherwise a great puzzle I enjoyed it a lot.
Jul 18, 2014
Maybe he is just tired of standing in the ice cold water, waiting for the stupid fish. He does not look happy, or any too thrilled about being there. I certainly would not want to be anywhere near him.
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