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Jigsaw puzzle online of a wooden Adirondack chair. The chair is sitting in the grass next to a woods.


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Oct 10, 2016
If I got sat in one of these chairs, I would never be able to get up myself.
Nov 14, 2017
I have always wondered how people could find these chairs comfortable. I'm like you, I'd have to have help getting out of this kind of chair.
Feb 9, 2016
Let me I sit in the chairs and watch the sail boats go by...or do I want to be on the boat????. OK, the boat wins. I love being on the water, but have to admit, the view from the chairs is awesome too.
Sep 16, 2015
So very peaceful. wish I was sitting there now.
Apr 11, 2015
Growing up, we had a front porch which was screened and it was an extra room in the summertime. On it was an sturdy Adirondack chair with arms like a tablet. My mother wrote many a letter on those "tablets."
Mar 22, 2015
Beautiful view.
Mar 15, 2015
Mar 8, 2015
Mar 7, 2015
One of those days come down straight from heaven. It's July 4th and we are meeting for a family picnic but it's still too early and my husband and I have out are walking across the lawn with coffee/tea and a newspaper. It's about 7:30 and the morning chill is gone but most folks are still sleeping in. I have the puzzle section and a wonderful Times acrostic to work on while my husband is ready to tackle world news. I hear a Carolina wren fluting away. By ten thirty the place will be alive with conversation and laughter but for now the quiet is settling in our souls and giving us energy to enjoy the day.
It will be a long one with fireworks to watch tonight. I'm loving it all.
May God bless you all with a heaven-sent day.
Mar 7, 2015
What a beautiful dream
Mar 7, 2015
Come and join in, dbnc. We'll have more than enough food to spare.
Mar 7, 2015
Pixi, it's so nice to see love and peace in your soul. May God bless you, too.
Mar 8, 2015
Thank you, trynfindit. Come join our picnic.
Mar 8, 2015
Love to! Thanks! I love picnics.
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