Cooking Utensils Jigsaw Puzzle

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A fun online jigsaw puzzle showing a variety of wooden cooking utensils. The spoons, forks and spatchulas sit on a rustic wooden table.


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Nov 28, 2022
I wooden know how to use some of them.
Nov 28, 2022
I think you're just stirring up trouble PW.
Nov 28, 2022
I wood think you have beaten this to a fine edge.
Nov 29, 2022
It's tine to notice the fork.
May 6, 2024
LOL, good one.
Dec 1, 2022
Quite a collection. I don't care for wood utensils. I don't know why. When I wash them it's like they will eventually get slivers. I am just weird. Now Sam loves them. He has one he uses all the time. I took one out of the dishwasher and put it away than where Sam keeps them and he had a fit until I could find it.
Nov 28, 2022
Everyone of these cooking utensils are in the kitchen and my wife uses them all the time.
Nov 28, 2022
Hope you are all having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.
Nov 26, 2022
Holy Cows! Took me forever and head is spinning!!!
Enjoyed the jigsaw puzzle, but had to do it twice.
Now I'm all ready to get behind the wheel of the car and be in same weird traffic as most of the others in a hurry!!! Everyone, enjoy their wonderful day and thank you, employees again for sharing delightful jigsaw puzzle with us.
Nov 26, 2022
Can't find too many of these now, I love mine.
Nov 26, 2022
I love my wooden cooking utensils and this is a good collection. Have a lovely day and may your life today be absolutely blessed and filled with love.