Missing your Favorite Features?

Are you having trouble finding your favorite features? We've created a guide to help you find them and discover new ones!

  1. Preview Image - Place your mouse cursor over the preview image. It will get larger so you can see more detail in the picture to help you solve your puzzle.

  2. Pause Timer - Click anywhere in the timer box to pause the game.

  3. Options - Click the Options button to change your background, turn on Sticky Click and increase the puzzle size. (Premium feature)

  4. Hide Navigation Sidebar - Click the blue arrow to hide the Navigation Sidebar to give yourself an even larger area to solve your puzzle. (Premium feature)

  5. Right Click Menu - Right click on the game to access more options such as the Piece Mover and Shuffle Pieces.

  6. Full Screen - Click on the button to launch into Full Screen mode to use your entire computer screen, even if you're in the middle of solving a jigsaw. (Premium feature)

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Piece Mover & Right Click Menu

Yesterday we got several requests to bring back the Piece Mover, so we listened. The Piece Mover is now back in the game, available to everyone!

We've also added a new right-click context menu. When you right-click in the jigsaw game, you will get a menu that has several options, including the return of Shuffle Pieces.

We're still in the process of fixing the slow puzzle issue. If you are having this problem or any others, please contact us.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Search

Here at Crazy4Jigsaws, we've been hard at work designing new features and improving old ones to make solving puzzles even more fun! We're excited to give you a firsthand look at one of our upcoming additions: the Jigsaw Puzzle Search.

Did you know that our puzzle gallery has several thousand puzzles? With the addition of our new search bar, finding just the right jigsaw is easier than ever! Whether you're looking for jigsaws of breathtaking landscapes, holiday fun, furry friends, or anything in between, you can find it all quickly and easily.

What's your favorite color? Just type it into the search bar, and you'll instantly have several puzzles at your fingertips featuring that color. Do you have a dream vacation spot? Our search bar can help you find just the puzzle to take you there!

In the next couple days we'll continue to reveal some of the most exciting new enhancements to Crazy4Jigsaws. We're looking forward to hearing what you think!

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Having the Same Solve Times

Have you ever looked on the Fastest Solve Times scoreboard and noticed that two members have the same solve time? Why is the one member listed above the other if they have the same score?

Although it may appear that the two members have the same solve times, we calculate solve times down to the millisecond. The member listed first solved the jigsaw puzzle just a few milliseconds faster.

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Send a jigsaw e-card

With the cost of stamps and cards always on the rise, it's becoming harder to mail a simple card telling someone you are thinking of them. Why not send them a jigsaw e-card instead? Jigsaw e-cards are free and you can include a personal message without having to lick a stamp. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

First, select an image of a puzzle you would like to send or upload your own picture here. Choose the "Send as E-card" option on the left navigation while playing the jigsaw puzzle.

Finally, fill out the required information and add a message. Select a puzzle cut for them to solve or let them pick their own.

Click "Send E-card" to send off your jigsaw e-card!

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