Introducing Dynamic Puzzle Cuts

If you play a lot of our jigsaws, you may have noticed that the piece shapes are always the same for each type of puzzle cut. For example the 6 piece classic pieces always look the same, no matter what puzzle image you are playing. Many of our members have even memorized the piece shapes for each cut!

After many months of hard work, we are proud to announce that Crazy4Jigsaws now features dynamic puzzle cuts! Now when you play a regular classic cut, the puzzle pieces are randomly created for a completely unique experience.

This brand-new feature is available today for free, and is automatically enabled. If you would like to switch back to the old static puzzle cuts, you can do so in your account settings.

We hope that dynamic puzzle cuts will bring a new sense of challenge and enjoyment to our puzzles. Thank you to everyone who suggested it! Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section below, or let us know if you have any other suggestions to help make the site even better.

Happy puzzling!

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Amazing Jigsaws for iPhone and iPad

We're pleased to announce Jigsaw Bug - an all new jigsaw experience for iPhone and iPad. Created by the same team that brought you Crazy4Jigsaws, Jigsaw Bug combines our love of jigsaws with the power of mobile technology. Now you can take your love of jigsaws everywhere you go!

Here are a few of the features we know you'll love:

  • Thousands of amazing images from all over the world
  • Four piece styles and cuts up to 300 pieces
  • Automatically save in-progress puzzles to finish later
  • Dynamic puzzle cuts for a unique experience every time
  • No annoying third-party ads

Jigsaw Bug is now available for free worldwide on the App Store, with the option to make in-app purchases for even more puzzles. Click here to download Jigsaw Bug today!

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Now Accepting More Currencies

We've got puzzlers in over 150 countries so we thought it was time to expand our Premium Membership plans to include currencies other than United States Dollars. We're pleased to announce that we now offer Premium Membership plans in six different currencies from around the world!

Starting today we now offer plans in Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, New Zealand Dollars, Euros and United States Dollars. All currencies are accepted via credit card, personal check and money order.

If you are an existing Premium Member and want to switch to your native currency, or if you are a new member that wants to upgrade, click here to begin.

If you don't see your native currency, you can either pay in USD or you can contact us to pay via check or money order with the currency of your choice.

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Crazy4Jigsaws Turns Six

Today marks six years since we first launched Crazy4Jigsaws. We've come a long way in those six years and done a lot of growing!

We now have tens of thousands of members in over 150 countries. Every day people from all over the world come to solve puzzles together. We have truly become a global community of puzzle lovers!

Thank you for all of your love and support. It's the amazing members like you who help make this site such a fun place to play jigsaws. Here's to another six wonderful years!

Happy Birthday Crazy4Jigsaws!!!

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Point Store Makeover

Did you know that we have over 300 items available to redeem in the Puzzle Point store? All of those icons, backgrounds and wallpapers were getting a bit cluttered and it was getting harder and harder to find the unique item that you were looking for.

To make everything more organized we just added new category and filtering options to the left navigation bar. You can now easily filter by the item type and category to find the perfect item to redeem.

Want a new flag icon? Or how about getting back to nature? Hungry for a food icon? Whatever your taste or style, the new filter and category options make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Happy redeeming!

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