Now Accepting More Currencies

We've got puzzlers in over 150 countries so we thought it was time to expand our Premium Membership plans to include currencies other than United States Dollars. We're pleased to announce that we now offer Premium Membership plans in six different currencies from around the world!

Starting today we now offer plans in Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, New Zealand Dollars, Euros and United States Dollars. All currencies are accepted via credit card, personal check and money order.

If you are an existing Premium Member and want to switch to your native currency, or if you are a new member that wants to upgrade, click here to begin.

If you don't see your native currency, you can either pay in USD or you can contact us to pay via check or money order with the currency of your choice.

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Thank you for the information and how you all put yourselves out to give us nothing but the best. Now you know why you are so popular, it is these little things that count.
I am terribly please to read your news! I wish that it would have being decided before I gave you all that trouble about myself ....indeed you have being wonderful and I can only wish that lots more puzzlers will join in the premium membership it is so enjoyable......thank you all of you