Crazy4Jigsaws Turns Six

Today marks six years since we first launched Crazy4Jigsaws. We've come a long way in those six years and done a lot of growing!

We now have tens of thousands of members in over 150 countries. Every day people from all over the world come to solve puzzles together. We have truly become a global community of puzzle lovers!

Thank you for all of your love and support. It's the amazing members like you who help make this site such a fun place to play jigsaws. Here's to another six wonderful years!

Happy Birthday Crazy4Jigsaws!!!

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Happy Birthday to the best puzzles in the entire internet. You do a great job, and your customer service is amazing.
Happy Birthday! I love that there is a new puzzle everyday and that I do puzzles again and again that I really liked the first time.
Happy Birthday and Thank You for the fun puzzles!
Happy Birthday from me too. I am so very happy to have found this site. Your puzzles are amazing and I get so very much enjoyment from doing them. Your variety of puzzles is just great. I have seen many marvels the world over doing your puzzles and have found some very interesting peoplle the world over that I would never have meet without your puzzles. Thanks for being here for so many of us. and God bless each and every one connected with this site.
Many happy returns, and thanks for providing such an enjoyable site: my favourite way to waste away the hours!
Happy Birthday to the site, and all the staff. Best puzzle site. Thanks for all the help & tips you give!!
Wishing you many more years of bringing us one of the friendliest, most enjoyable sites on the internet. Happy, happy birthday.
Happy Birthday, Thank you so much for all the great puzzles and hours of fun..
I hope you have over a hundred years of Birthdays. Such a joy!
Happy Birthday to the best puzzle site on line. Thank you for the new friends I have met through your site. Hope you are here for many years.