Jigsaw Puzzle Search

Here at Crazy4Jigsaws, we've been hard at work designing new features and improving old ones to make solving puzzles even more fun! We're excited to give you a firsthand look at one of our upcoming additions: the Jigsaw Puzzle Search.

Did you know that our puzzle gallery has several thousand puzzles? With the addition of our new search bar, finding just the right jigsaw is easier than ever! Whether you're looking for jigsaws of breathtaking landscapes, holiday fun, furry friends, or anything in between, you can find it all quickly and easily.

What's your favorite color? Just type it into the search bar, and you'll instantly have several puzzles at your fingertips featuring that color. Do you have a dream vacation spot? Our search bar can help you find just the puzzle to take you there!

In the next couple days we'll continue to reveal some of the most exciting new enhancements to Crazy4Jigsaws. We're looking forward to hearing what you think!

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This is GREAT! Thanks for keeping us updated. My only wish is for imported image puzzles be the same size as the puzzles in the Gallery.
Kevin - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
In the new version of the site, your uploaded images will be the same size as all of the gallery images.
I wish that there were more travel photos, especially if people could share their vacation shots. I never get to go on any vacation being disabled, and it would be fun to see things that way
I have two comments. First, I wonder if you knew when you conceived of this site how many of us would come here because disabilities prevented our completing physical puzzles anymore. What a delight this site has been for me! Second, my cat loves it, too. Those satisfying little clicks when pieces join soothe her, and if I am called away by phone or guests, she follows me, complaining bitterly that I'm not making her clicks happen.
Kevin - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Cooper, thanks for the suggestions. We'll add some more exotic travel photos for you soon. Jade4142, we had no idea how addicted people would become to this site. It has provided an excellent alternative to real jigsaw puzzles for people of all ages from across the world. I'm glad to hear that you cat enjoys the puzzles too!
purple and hawaii...my picks. thankx
I love this site and spend as much time here as possible. Jigsaws are a long time passion. This site is great and getting greater.