Jigsaw Puzzle Mats

Have you ever started a large jigsaw puzzle only to put it away shortly after you realized that you didn't have the space to finish the puzzle? Many people like to solve their jigsaw puzzles on their dining room tables because a table is flat and sturdy. When dinnertime comes around that puzzle needs to be moved to make room for the meal. But how do you move a puzzle without completely disassembling it?

Instead of destroying all of your hard work, try using a puzzle mat. Puzzle mats are an affordable solution to keeping your jigsaw puzzles intact when you need to move them. Before you start a puzzle, lay the puzzle mat down on the table you plan to use. When you need to move your puzzle, roll up the mat with all of your pieces on it and store the mat wherever you like. When you're ready to finish solving the jigsaw puzzle, carefully unroll the mat. All of your pieces, including the pieces that were connected, will all be in the same place where you left them. A few pieces may have become slightly dislodged, so just put them back where they were. Some minor adjustments beat having to solve the same puzzle all over again.

Jigsaw puzzle mats are easy to find in most major retail stores and online. Use a puzzle mat the next time you pull out your favorite puzzle. It may save you some time and hard work later.

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I remember back to the time of doing 1000 piece puzzle and had to put them on a large cardboard that I flattened and used it as my puzzle board. I was somewhat difficult as my puzzle was close to completion. Then I found wooden piece and used that for my puzzle board. Worked out great.