Fastest Solve Times

Ever wonder how people can solve puzzles fast enough to get on the high scoreboard? There are a couple techniques that you can use to increase your solve times.

First before you begin the puzzle, take a quick look at it and formulate your plan of attack. The timer doesn't start until you click your first piece so you can plan which pieces you want to pick up first. Second, try working on the edges first since they are the easiest to find. Finally keep practicing the puzzle over and over again until you get good at it. Most members who get very fast solve times solve the same puzzle several times before they are able to get such a fast time.

Good luck!

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I am fairly new to your site, but so far I think it's great! I do have a qtn as far as solve time. Are the solve times for all of the different puzzle configurations lumped together? Solve time counts no matter if you are doing an easy configuration verses one of the more difficult configuations? Just wondering. Thanks!
Emma - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Not all solve times are lumped together. There are different scoreboards for the different types of puzzles you can solve. There are unique scoreboards for each of the puzzles cuts, rotated pieces and Jigsaw in the Dark mode.
Just started playing 2mths now and i can play fast because the pieces are the same for every puzzle. Automatically when i see the piece i know where it goes. My question... how long does ur high score stay on the OVERALL list??? there were puzzles i played previously and when i clicked on it, my name didnt show up.
Emma - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
If your score is one of the top nine players, it will stay forever. Otherwise your score will be kept for 30 days.
I've found that using a mouse as opposed to a touch pad improves my speed. That said, I'd still love to see a video of some of these very fast times being accomplished. I used to like watching our son play video games because he was so good at it too.
Thanks for the tips :)
I don't want a low score enough to do the puzzle over and over. It never occurred to me to do that, but thanks for solving the mystery of the amazing low scores!
Your puzzles are great and the time of solving them is not important , as long as you love them. I start with a puzzle and first I turn off the time. Only when I finished the puzzle the time shows up. Have a lovely day with your puzzles
Thanks for hints but my fingers are old and slow also my seeing and thinking I thank God for every blessing and for Crazy4Jigsaw puzzles
Thank you Staff. I find the pleasure of solving outweighs a short time in doing so.
LOVE the puzzles, I love looking at the final pictures, They are so beautiful that I just enjoy looking at them in amazement at how all they come together. THANK YOU!!!! MARSE
I'm new to this site, this is my leisure time and nothing else. I'm not here to compete with anyone. I am retired and have MS, so I'm here to relax and just have fun! Thanks! :)
Thank you I will try it
dbnc2 You made me feel great this AM..I am slow, old and only my sight is good, thank goodness hearing does not count! I so enjoy the puzzles but feel so stupid with the time it takes me. Not any more!! Thanks so much.
I am slow but I don't do them for speed but for fun thank you all
Now I understand how the low scores are accomplished. I agree with others that I will not do the same puzzle over and over just to get a low score. Although I like seeing how long it takes me to do a puzzle the score is not important. I enjoy doing most of the puzzles. They look so much better once the puzzles is completed. Thank you for offering this type of enjoyment on the computer. Never have the problems with you that I have with other game sights.
Forget the times. Concentrate on the puzzle and the people you are playing WITH, not AGAINST. You are not even playing against yourself (for time) unless you allow it! The puzzles are fun --- and the people are a real bonus!