Flag Icons

Travel the world in icon style! Redeem your Puzzle Points for our new flag icons here.

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thank you this a wish come true, for a long time I have wanted us to be able to show the country to which we belong, Being able to talk to other puzzlers around the world is brilliant and I give you my heartfelt thanks for your web site and the joy and entertainment it gives. God Bless you all at C4J
This is such a great idea. I both love being able to proudly show my colours plus see where everyone else is from.
proud to be american where the least know i am free! glad to be a usa citizen!!
This is so cool! Proud to be an American! Now I can wave my flag! Thanks C4J folks!!!
Thank you for the flag icons, it is lovely for other C4J to see what country you come from, & as barbaranne said I have wanted to see where other C4J come from. Happy new & healthy new year to you all at C4J.
Nice...thanks C4J Staff !!!
Great idea! Of course I want my American flag but I thought it'd be fun to get a flag for every country Formula 1 races in.
Great idea! Thanks so much.
Yes yes a flag of the country we live in, thank you
I love when i go to my gmail and there is a puzzle to do. Thank you!
Its nice to do puzzles from different countrys. I get to see what other places look like
great idea! i wonder if there is lots of french puzzlers from monaco like me!!!!
I love the flag icons. It is nice to see which country others live in., but in the usa it is more difficult. Not sure what I want to do. But thank you for letting us know, too.
I like it
Very proud to be an American and show our flag. Great idea!
Nice Icons, but how do we know how many points we have. I never have seen an amount.. Very enjoyable puzzles..
Laura - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
You can see how many Puzzle Points you have earned by looking at the top right of the page. The Puzzle Points are listed right underneath your username.
Thanks C4J. A very nice idea.
What a wonderful idea. I love being a Canadian and it will be fun to see where fellow puzzlers are from!
I love the pictures you use for jigsaws. I would be glad to see more things to spend my tokens on, but that would be just a bonus. The mystery jigsaws are great fun and an unusual concept. Please keep going.
What a good idea! It is interesting to see where fellow puzzlers live in the world. Happy New Year to you all.