Wildflowers Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of purple and yellow wildflowers growing in an open field. A small fence lines the field.


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May 23, 2017
i did this as a mystery
like you when I do puzzles or read I forget I need to do anything else
Mar 23, 2015
Do these puzzles sooths me. Does it you? I sort of forget everything else.
May 3, 2017
Nov 6, 2016
Love the vivid colors in this field!
Jan 31, 2016
Don't know where cattle are raised in Florida. Many horse farms in Ocala.
Apr 21, 2015
These weeds are just beginning to go away here in MO.
Mar 22, 2015
That is such a beautiful looking field.
Mar 15, 2015
Wonder where this is taken? Texas maybe? Those sort of look like bluebonnets. :)
Mar 10, 2015
A beautiful field. Makes want to go for a walk in a field of flowers.
Mar 10, 2015
I wish we had fields of wildflowers in n.e. Florida. We have fields of weeds, and lotsa swamps, plus acres of pine and other trees. And Florida redefines the meaning of "FLAT."
Mar 11, 2015
When I lived in Florida, I made a trip to Mt. Dora and was shocked at how hilly that country is. Loved all the shopping there and the train ride. Beautiful area.
Mar 12, 2015
The Mt. Dora area is in central Florida where there actually is a fair amount of hilly landscape.
Mar 13, 2015
I don't know, but do they raise more cattle in that area?
Mar 13, 2015
I believe that central and parts of south Florida are high in raising cattle; possibly the panhandle area as well. A lot of people don't know that Florida is a cattle producing state - as well as our citrus.
Mar 15, 2015
I did not know that. I learned something new today. Thank you for the info. I saw lots of cattle and horse farms along I-75 when we would drive up north. They looked so clean and manicured.
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