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Free online jigsaw of a quiet library. White shelves hold a variety of books.


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Jan 18, 2019
Looks more like a home library to me. Very neatly arrange...Fun puzzle
Sep 5, 2018
I will be seeing these exact shelves tomorrow, as I work in a library! Love, love, love my job. I think its because of a connection to the patrons who come into our library, and also the children who come on the days I'm working and will give me big hugs.
Sep 5, 2018
I love the library
before my great grandson started school I kept him
he liked going to the library
when he had to return a book he would cry
he loved the movie Johnny goes fishing
when it had to be discarded they saved it for him
I paid $1.00 for it
he is 23 and still has it
Sep 6, 2018
Sweet memory dbnc2, thanks for sharing it. I feel it's important to introduce children to books and hope they will have a lifelong love of reading. It helps their brain grow along with their vocabulary.
Sep 4, 2018
I think I'm taking the coward's way out and leaving this puzzle incomplete on the screen with a silent scream of frustration!
Sep 4, 2018
I have a puzzle in a very expensive case (gift) behind my sofa and I haven't been able to finish it for over a year. A simple Christmas Santa and parcels. Hope I have better luck when I try once again to finish it. Wish me luck.
Sep 4, 2018
I had moments, too, but separating the white-line shelf pieces helped. I do the dynamic cut, so it always takes longer, but this one took me quite awhile until I had the four shelves pieced put together. After that, it was easier.

I have very fond memories of being read to as a child and sharing Sunday morning "Let's Pretend" on the radio with my older sister and the Sunday comics. Then, later in the day, I'd take the paper out to the front steps and some of my neighborhood friends would come over, and I'd pretend to read the comics to them!

My husband and I have a library of approx. 1800 books, some in bookcases out in the garage. Even our closets have books up on the shelves. One of my favorite Facebook posts was, "I've got to clean the house today. Oh! Wait! Here's a book! " LOL
Sep 5, 2018
Good luck with your puzzle 1HATESIGNING1N!
Sep 5, 2018
I did go back to it later in the day and managed to finish it. And I wish luck to everyone who is dealing with a particular difficult puzzle. Blessings!
Sep 5, 2018
My mother would go to bookstores when I grew up. She often would take me with her. In one store I found a 20.00 bill on the floor. Then on our exit to the store she had an item under her arm. She was beeped - the security alarm went off. The clerk questioned her and she had forgotten it was under her arm. She was very embarrassed. Really miss her! She'd spent a 1 hr. or two in a libarary.
Sep 4, 2018
I am a bookworm...I can spend hours in bookstores and libraries...I love reading books...
Sep 5, 2018
I do, too, gina. Reading is my preferred relaxation. I'm rarely without a book or my Kindle!
Sep 5, 2018
Me too Gina
Sep 4, 2018
Looks like a small town library. Neatly arranged books...Fun puzzle
Sep 4, 2018
The book puzzles are always difficult for me, but I still love doing them. Quite a challenge!!
Sep 4, 2018
That was a tough puzzle! I loved it.
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