Grated Cheese Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle of freshly grated cheese. The cheese is served in a white ceramic bowl on top of a red checked cloth.


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Mar 20, 2017
Yay!! An easy one - I needed that!
Mar 19, 2017
Ummmm, I love cheese!
Mar 19, 2017
Lovely and useful.
Mar 19, 2017
I LOVE grated cheese!!!!
Mar 18, 2017
That's a lot of grated cheese. Does look more like pasta. Of course, it probably is going on pasta.
Mar 18, 2017
Yeah you could sprinkle it on pasta. If you using that much cheese it's more likely to be used for a cheese sauce. Like Fettucine Carbonara - oh yummy!
Mar 18, 2017
Looks like they're cooking up something good.

God bless you all.
Mar 18, 2017
All ready for something good. Looks like it might be pasta. Or a tossed salad.
Mar 18, 2017
I do love cheese, but not when it is to sharp. Tomatoes is okay but it does not agree with me - too many acid.

Hi Everyone, I am back in my big house I shared with my beloved Jim. I received a lot of help through my Church, and also through my Member of Parliament. There still several things to be done in the house, yet the beauty of it can be done in my own time and loving it. With the help, love and support from my church I would not have made it home.

Take care. God bless to all. xxx
Mar 18, 2017
God bless you, Corrina. I'm so glad your church was there for you, and I'm sure they will continue to be.
Mar 18, 2017
There's a background story there Corrina, would love to hear it. Praise God for a good church and they help they give. Hugs.
Mar 18, 2017
God bless you Corrina52! I prayer that good things keep coming your way!
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