Curled Paper Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle to play online of thick pieces of paper curled to make a pattern. The pieces of paper are arranged by color to make a rainbow.


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Aug 28, 2013
Thank you once again I would never in a million years thought that I could have so much pleasure doing jigsaws with every day objects.
Now we know we have picked the best site anyone could have, and the feed back we get of friends we never would have met with out this site, to all my friends and all the team a big thank you and may you all be blessed with good health and a long and happy life.
Aug 28, 2013
I second that!
Sep 13, 2013
I wish that to everyone as well. Thanks a lot Santaclaus
Dec 22, 2017
I have met many puzzle friends here. I think this is my 3rd year. My neice gives gives me this for my birthday. However, at times I think I would love to meet these "freinds" of mine. Wish there was a way to do that. Maybe someone will think about that and come up with a way.
Dec 23, 2017
That would be a lot of happiness
what a great time that would be
i wish we could know what has happened to the friends that are not on here anymore
i miss them
Dec 22, 2017
Very different kind of puzzle. Very easy to do.
Aug 24, 2014
Can't believe I missed this first time around.,,, fun..and easy.
Jun 25, 2014
Still pretty!
May 23, 2014
Aug 28, 2013
What a great puzzle. So many ways to use curled paper to decorate for parties, etc. What fun.
Dec 6, 2013
I like these kinds of puzzles. Now that I've signed up I'm really pleased at all the wonderful puzzles to choose from. Been doing puzzles much of the day I think. That kind of a day for me. A puzzle kind of day.
Dec 8, 2013
I like the kind with lots of texture and color.
Sep 13, 2013
That was great and the colours are bright and shiny
Aug 30, 2013
Mornin All!! saw this cute quote made me laugh You never, never really know a man until you have divorced him....Zsa Zsa Gabor and I guess she would know :) Have a great weekend and a safe and peaceful Memorial Day God Bless
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