Fastest Solve Times

Ever wonder how people can solve puzzles fast enough to get on the high scoreboard? There are a couple techniques that you can use to increase your solve times.

First before you begin the puzzle, take a quick look at it and formulate your plan of attack. The timer doesn't start until you click your first piece so you can plan which pieces you want to pick up first. Second, try working on the edges first since they are the easiest to find. Finally keep practicing the puzzle over and over again until you get good at it. Most members who get very fast solve times solve the same puzzle several times before they are able to get such a fast time.

Good luck!

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Hiding the puzzle image

We've released a new feature for everyone that allows you to hide the image of the puzzle you are solving. This adds an extra challenge since you won't be able to compare the puzzle pieces to the picture. Click on the "Hide Image" button below the timer to hide the picture.

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