Mystery Jigsaw Updates

We're pleased to announce another great new feature that allows you to view the title and comments of Mystery Jigsaws! After you're done solving a Mystery Jigsaw, the title and description will be revealed. You'll also be able to comment on the puzzle and view comments from other members. Check it out by solving a Mystery Jigsaw.

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Related Jigsaw Puzzles

We've just added a brand new feature that allows you to play related jigsaw puzzles to the puzzle you just solved. Just scroll down to underneath the puzzle description to find six similar puzzles for you to play. Enjoy!

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Hawaii Week

Aloha! Get ready to experience the island life with Hawaii Week on Crazy4Jigsaws! Starting Saturday, July 14th, the Premium Membership images for one week will all be Hawaii-themed.

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Summer Icons

We've just added some new icons and backgrounds to celebrate summer! Redeem your Puzzle Points for them here.

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate by playing today's patriotic puzzle here!

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