Random Puzzles

In the mood to solve a puzzle, but not looking for anything in particular? Then be sure to give our new random puzzle feature a try! Our Crazy4Jigsaws makeover includes an update to our popular random puzzle generator. Currently, we offer 5 random puzzles on the top of our homepage for you to solve, and this selection of puzzles refreshes every five minutes. With the launch of Crazy4Jigsaws' new look, we're excited to announce that there will be an entire page of 20 random puzzles to choose from.

You will be able to update the selection at any time by simply clicking on the refresh button. With so many random puzzles to work on, you can start playing right away! Stay tuned as we continue to highlight even more great features from the new Crazy4Jigsaws website, available on July 1st.

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Looking forward to it!!!!
sounds like fun to me!!
I am VERY excited for this!!!!
cannot wait
Bring it on.lol