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love the colorful jigsaws, would love to see alot more
This is my #1 site... Keep up the good work..I would like to see what puzzles other people are doing.. Pass on the good news..Crazy4jigsaws...
The puzzles are great. It's fun to try to get in and stay in the top 10 fastest solvers. I've shared this site with several others.
Love your site. I'm dyslexic, not word wise but in direction, and getting things backwards or out of order has always been a big issue for me. When I was young I steered clear of the fun of puzzles out of embarrassment and the time it took me always made me feel inferior. I'm still not that fast (approx. an hr / 192pc), but have improved greatly and no longer feel shame. This is a great tool, a lot of fun, and I enjoy adding some of my favorite pictures to solve.
I think it would be awesome to see others solving one of the pictures that I submitted. Is that possible?
Kevin - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Thanks everyone for the kind compliments! We're glad to hear that everyone enjoys the puzzles so much. RobinB, you can send your uploaded photos as e-cards for others to solve. See our other blog post for more information. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions!