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Celebrate the new year with some new Profile Icons! Redeem these icons with your Puzzle Points here.

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Just love your Crazy 4 Jigsaws, looking forward to them everyday. Many thanks.
It looks very nice. I like the puzzle every day.
I love the Crazy4Jigsaws so much, Many thanks and Happy New Year.
I like all of the new icons but purchased the nesting doll, she's so cute!
I like the icons especially the music, but love the one I have better. Thank you for the puzzles I really enjoy them.
Awesome. I love the new Profile icons. :)
I think Crazy 4Jigsaws is just GREAT!!!! I especially enjoy the different sizes and cuts for the jigsaws, so even the kids can have a lot of fun with them. One suggestion for your daily puzzles... Many times it's bogged down with the same kind of puzzle, sometimes even on the same day. For example there will be a whole lot of animals (just standing) for the week, or lately there's been a lot of snow ones. Please mix them up more, and I love the ones with color!!!
Love the puzzles. Wish we could leave a comment on the mystery puzzles. Also a blurb of what or where the puzzle is. Just some suggestions. Have a very happy new year. Be well and enjoy.
Laura - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
goof1953 - We don't allow comments or information on the Mystery Jigsaws so you can't guess what the puzzle is before you solve it. On the regular puzzle, we usually try to give some information on each jigsaw puzzle underneath the Fastest Solve Times scoreboard. Happy new year!