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Colorful jigsaw puzzle online of toy bricks. The plastic bricks are brightly colored and arranged in a single layer.


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Oct 12, 2018
Pretty colors
Sep 25, 2018
I remember stepping on these little guys in the middle of the bare feet. Ouch!
Sep 17, 2018
It was a fun puzzle to do - recall these lego pieces but they didn't have these bright colors.
Sep 19, 2018
Our son had several of the early fact I think most of them are still in the attic!!! He's 42 now.
Sep 17, 2018
Love the colors...tough one but fun!!!!!
Sep 17, 2018
Interesting puzzle and definitely not as easy as I thought it would be! Blessings and have a wonderful day!
Sep 17, 2018
Hi debbie! I agree, it was tougher than I thought it would be.
Sep 17, 2018
Love the bright colors...think I did okay. Haven't heard from you rahrah for a while. Have been waiting for the grass dried out to cut part of it but it started raining before we got all most the back cut...& we got wet!!! Still just a little in the front & some touch up in the back. Have a Great Day to All!
Sep 18, 2018
Hey Cat Lady! I'll be here more now that I'm settling into my new abode. Thanks for noticing my absence. :) Just moved in with my daughter's family and getting things organized. Went from a large 1 bedroom apartment (with lots of closets and storage! ) to a bedroom in a household. lol Yeah, I'm sure my stuff is all over town by now. I donated a lot of it, and was able to sell some. The main thing is.......we gotter done! My kids (daughter & son in love) and their teenage girls have been so sweet and helpful. They've welcomed me into their private home, and I can't tell you how much that means to me.
Sep 18, 2018
I not sure I want to in with my daughter, but might like to move in with oldest granddaughter if something had to hubby, but since he is 5 yrs younger he will be around longer than I will. Son is back again, he was in NM last month & next Sunday he will be going to Kansas. We have enjoying the time he is gone, since he has been here for at least 2 years now. Sounds like you are enjoying your family. Have a Great Day!
Sep 17, 2018
Easier than I imagined! You folks had me worried. Guess I worked extra hard because I figured it would take a while.
Sep 17, 2018
This puzzle really put my eyes to the test, the bright colours kept running into one another, will have to go get an eye test. ffor me it is 0.09am sleep is evading me so I thought I would try and catch up with a puzzle, I am way behind but I am going to say goodnight and God bless you. Have a lovely Sunday.
Sep 17, 2018
My oh my, where are they finding these tough puzzles! Very challenging but fun.
Sep 17, 2018
This was a very bright and colorful toy bricks puzzle to play.
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