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Jigsaw puzzle for adults online of small wooden bowls. Each bowl is filled with a different colorful spice.


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Nov 21, 2018
I can still get some of the spices from the local food market but most of them I have to drive over a 150 miles to get. Needless to say I do not cook with as many spices as I used to
Aug 20, 2018
This is what I what I call the spice of life. I use very little spices except when I am baking. I did make cinnamon chicken once but cannot find the recipe anywhere. My kids loved it when they were younger and I made parsley potatoes with it. I never heard of cinnamon chicken until I saw it on a Little House on the Prairie episode.
Aug 26, 2018
Aug 27, 2018
Thanks Parson Wayne. It is nice seeing you back on here. I have not made cinnamon chicken since my kids were little. Now that my daughter is in Pa. and I am in Va. and my son has passed away, I have not made it since. I would like to try it again.
Aug 28, 2018
Let me know how it turns out. If it is REALLY good, I may try it myself. I didn't have internet service for almost a week. 7 days without internet makes one weak.
Aug 28, 2018
Aug 29, 2018
You are too funny Parson Wayne. :)
Aug 31, 2018
Actually, there is only one of me, so it is impossible for me to be two funny.
Aug 20, 2018
The "spice" of life!!!
Aug 17, 2018
Wonder what these spices are and what they are used for.

Good night and God bless. Hugs.
Aug 17, 2018
this weren't as hard as I thought it would be
I don't use a lot of spices
so I can't help you
I got a shot in both hands yesterday
a finger on both hands lock up
sure hope this helps
good night sleep tight
don't let the bed bugs bite
Aug 17, 2018
I make a lot of curry. From top, left to right:
Top row: Fresh chilis, star anise, fresh paprika
Second row: Turmeric, red peppercorns, clove and nutmeg
Third row: green peppercorns, grated coconut, juniper berries, sichuan pepper
Bottom row: Dried dillweed, X, coriander, ground coriander and (I think) asafetida powder (aka hing).

The thing I marked X, I think is a premade spice blend or "curry masala."

There are as many curry blends as there are cooks. Therefore "curry powder" does not exist. Even people in India can't agree on what a "curry" is--some say it must have a gravy, others say no, it's a dry dish. Some say it's vegetable based, others that it must have meat. In the south it's very spicy while in Maharashtra up north it can be mild and creamy.

Been battling depression but am doing better now. Sometimes the pit just yawns open at my feet. But I managed it without meds this time, I'm sure cooler weather will help. Roll on, October!
Aug 17, 2018
My grandfather used to say "It's hell getting old". Really didn't comprehend it then, but I sure do now. You never know what will happen next! Just try to stay as well as possible.
Aug 17, 2018
Dbnc hope the shot helps your hands. Wow all these spices, they are really kind of pretty and it's nice seeing them in their natural state before they are all ground up, some of them anyways. You all be safe.
Aug 17, 2018
Every day my feet hit the floor (and not the REST of me), it's already a great day!
Aug 20, 2018
Orinoco you are amazing don't know anyone who knows those spices by sight like that. I guess I should pay more attention to my spices when I'm using them. I also battle depression and just recently stopped the meds as no matter how many different ones I've tried they haven't worked and I am sick of taking pills. Anyways so far so good. Pray yours doesn't rear its ugly head and will leave you be.Be safe and happy!
Aug 20, 2018
Orinoco --- and all C4Js --- I am convinced that among all of us --- we know everything!!! Each one is knowledgeable about something different --- and thankfully willing to share it! What a great group!
Aug 20, 2018
Different types of pepper
Aug 20, 2018
It is wonderful how we can take the same food item and season it so many different ways and it can always taste delicious and interesting!
Aug 20, 2018
Some people get curried away with spices. If variety is the spice of like, then we certainly have a variety of spices.
Aug 20, 2018
I used to love to cook meals with fresh spices but anymore I have to use the store bought such as mcCormik
Aug 20, 2018
This spice selection puzzle was really fun to put together and it's very colorful too.
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