Rustic Bird House Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle to play online of a wooden bird house. The bird house has a twig fence and a colorful painted roof.

bird housebirdhouseobject

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Nov 12, 2017
Aug 7, 2017
Pretty little do-it-yourself birdhouse. Like the twigs around the bottom. I have a cute one hanging in my Japanese maple, but no tenants since I hung it. Fun puzzle.
Jan 10, 2015
The dogwood flowers sure make for a pretty neighborhood for the birds' homes. I love it.
Dec 13, 2014
Home Sweet Home
Jun 8, 2014
Love this puzzle!
May 2, 2014
Enjoyed the puzzle and how lucky these little birds are to have there homes painted in such pleasant pastel colours, but there again I have never seen a bird with wings painting their own homes. Thank you team for this one.
May 2, 2014
Sweet Puzzle! Love it!
Apr 30, 2014
55mn. in 164 circle good time for me..nice puzzle..bonjour a tous
May 1, 2014
You made me curious about how long it would take me to do the same as you, so I had a go, I did finish it, but it took longer than you (as expected), but I still don't know how long because I fell asleep half way through and got a final time of 3hrs 14mins. oh well, will have to try it again some time.
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