Marshmallows Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of colorful marshmallows. The marshmallow candy was twirled into ropes.


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Dec 15, 2016
These are good enjoy them
Feb 20, 2016
Never seen marshmellows like these ones.
Jun 13, 2015
Are you supposed to eat this like licorice? I can't imagine putting these in your hot chocolate. What would you use these for - colorful s'mores?
Jun 19, 2015
Yes, I suppose that is why they were made this way, to eat on the go. Would be somewhat of a waste to put them in a s'more, hot chocolate or rice crispie treats. They are pretty nice looking.
Jun 14, 2015
These marshmallows were extremely tough to solve!!!
Jun 13, 2015
Well that had me dizzy after a half hour of struggle.
Jun 13, 2015
Don't mean to imply it only took 30 minutes. It took 51:27 and the last 21:27 were painful.
Jun 13, 2015
Interesting looking colorful marshmallows
Jun 13, 2015
A fun site
Jun 13, 2015
Yummy marshmallows - be fun getting them on a stick to cook over an open fire lol.

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein

"You can get a thousand no's from people, and only one "yes" from God." Tyler Perry

And that is all you need.

God bless all of you. Hugs.
Jun 13, 2015
For roasting maybe you just take a rope and tie it onto the stick.
Jun 13, 2015
What a good idea - have to stay away from sweets for some time now as I over indulged yesterday and my sugar level soared. :( Hugs.
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